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Please note that for all other orders, we may need to make substitutions. Your recipient will always receive a beautiful gift of the same or greater value as what you selected.

Deliveries may be impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Rest assured that we are taking all recommended precautions to ensure customer satisfaction and safety.

Delivery impacts may include:

In addition, we may be using “no contact” delivery procedures. After confirming that the recipient is available to accept, their gift will be left at the door and the delivery driver will step back a safe distance to ensure they receive their gift.

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Gift Now, Deliver Later

Better than a gift card, send smiles twice! We are now offering Gift Now, Deliver Later, so you can still send a gift for your loved one during this time.

Please note that we cannot currently commit to any specific delivery dates when you place a Gift Now, Deliver Later order. We will personally contact your recipient when we are able to schedule a delivery date for this gift.

When you give a Gift Now, Deliver Later arrangement, you won’t need to select a delivery date. You complete your purchase and we’ll send a beautifully designed virtual gift right away via email, including your card message and a picture of the flowers you chose. When we are back up and running, we’ll contact your recipient to complete delivery of your fresh, beautiful arrangement. Thanks for supporting our local business during this time!

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How Gift Now, Deliver Later Works

Please note that we cannot currently commit to any specific delivery dates when you place a Gift Now, Deliver Later order. We will personally contact your recipient when we are able to schedule a delivery date for this gift.

Step 1

Complete your purchase like you normally would, including your card message, delivery information, and recipient’s email.

Step 2

We’ll let your special someone know they received a gift. A photo and your card message will be included in a beautifully designed email for smile number 1!

Step 3

When we’re able to deliver your gift, we’ll fulfill the promise of your gift and coordinate directly with your recipient to schedule delivery of the arrangement for smile number 2!

Deliveries may be impacted by COVID-19 precautions. See Details
Forest of Flowers - Flower Delivery in Highbury Ave, London, ON
Deliveries may be impacted by COVID-19 precautions. See Details

Franchise Opportunities

Looking for a Fresh New Start?
Discover the Forest of Flowers® Difference!

Forest of Flowers® now offers fresh new opportunities to operate your own floral franchise in communities throughout Southwestern Ontario

Over the past 20 years Forest of Flowers® has become the leading floral retailer in Southwestern Ontario.

As a Forest of Flowers® franchisee, the emotional satisfaction from selling the world's ultimate "feel good" product is highlighted by the reassurance that you are able to provide truly outstanding value to your customers... friendly, helpful service offering the freshest, highest quality flowers at supermarket prices - field fresh for less®!

Our experienced Franchise Care Team is committed to helping you realize a high return on your franchise investment with our proven business model. Our comprehensive Franchise Support Program will assist you with site selection, store design, product design, and training and operations standards.

Is Forest of Flowers® Right for you?

You do not require prior experience in the floral industry - you can take advantage of ours.

Are you willing and committed to follow a proven formula? If you can deliver outstanding customer care and have the management skills and the desire to be in command of your success, the Forest of Flowers® family could be the right opportunity for you.

For more information on our franchise opportunities, please contact Chris Manchester at (519) 868-0198 or email Chris at

After reviewing the information, we invite you to print the attached Franchise Questionnaire, complete in full and mail to the attention of Melanie Howe at:
Franchise Department Forest of Flowers
841 Wellington Rd, Unit B2
London ON N6E 3R5
(Faxed copies will not be accepted)

Once we have received your questionnaire, we will be in touch with you to discuss our franchise opportunities!

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Who We Are

Forest of Flowers® was founded in London, Ontario in 1996 by Wayne and Judy Watson. Wayne brought to the business a successful career in retail management, including executive positions in charge of operations and franchising with two national retailers. After operating a florist shop in Western Canada, Wayne and Judy believed they could create an improved value for the retail floral customer.

By eliminating local wholesalers and buying most of their fresh cut products directly at source from South and Central America, California and the Niagara region, Forest of Flowers® offered a unique and compelling value positioning to their customers – field fresh, high quality flowers at better prices than competing florists. Large, fully stocked walk-in coolers displayed a broad assortment of flowers while preserving their freshness and quality. Almost from the beginning, the new Forest of Flowers® retail format exceeded their expectations.

Today Forest of Flowers® has grown to become the leading floral retailer in Southwestern Ontario with 15 convenient locations and a 23% share of market in the London Region. Market share and sales growth have continued through the past year, with sales 12% above the previous year in the most recent quarter.

After 20 years of nourishing the Forest of Flowers® brand, in 2010 Wayne and Judy created Forest of Flowers Franchise Corp. to replicate their successful business model on a larger scale. The senior franchise management team is now poised to take the franchise system and the Forest of Flowers® brand to new heights.

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Mission and Values

The Forest of Flowers Vision is to become Canada’s leading floral retail franchise system, with more than 25 franchisees awarded across Ontario over the next five years, setting the stage for longer term expansion into other provinces.

Our Mission is to provide the strongest franchise business model and support programs to enable our franchisees to achieve their financial and career aspirations, with the emotional satisfaction of making a difference in their customers’ lives through the uplifting power of flowers. We believe that we will only succeed if our franchisees are successful on a sustained basis.

Wayne and Judy have a set of Core Values and beliefs that impact the way that Forest of Flowers® operates. They care about people: franchisees, staff and family, and customers. They believe everyone deserves to be treated the same, with warmth, dignity, respect and a genuine concern for their well-being. The following values are key to the operation of Forest of Flowers®:

ExcellenceWe strive for excellence in all areas and align ourselves with people and companies with the same mind set.
DedicationWe are dedicated to satisfying and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers, employees and franchisees.
CharacterWe hold ourselves to the highest standard in areas of integrity, honesty, commitment and accountability.
TeamworkWe create a positive, team-focused environment, allowing us to impact positively on team members and the communities we serve.
ResponsibilityWe believe we have a responsibility to benefit the common good of our local communities, our country, and our world.
EducationWe believe in educating ourselves, our employees and our franchisees, allowing us all to be more knowledgeable and professional in satisfying our customers.
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What Do We Offer?

The Advantage of Franchising

We know you want a business that is a step above the ordinary. That’s what our franchise offers – the benefits of replicating our successful business model and years of learning to create a special business you can be proud of. Our Franchise Support Program will get to you operating quickly and easily, for a fresh new start, just the way you want it.

Flowers are the World’s Ultimate “Feel Good” Product.

The floral business is one of the most positive retail businesses. Everyone loves to get flowers. Whether it’s for special celebrations, romantic occasions, anniversaries, or sympathy tributes, people are always touched when they receive flowers. As a Forest of Flowers® franchisee, you can experience this uplifting power of flowers to make a positive impact on others, while building a solid future for you and your family.

The Forest of Flowers® Competitive Retail Advantage

  • Forest of Flowers® has established a proven business model over the past 20 years.
  • Our Superior Value Positioning has enabled Forest of Flowers® to continue to win market share from both traditional florists and supermarkets. This superior value focus has struck an emotional cord with today’s value conscious consumer.
  • Our proprietary supply network provides a broad assortment of the freshest, highest quality prices at supermarket prices, displayed in our spacious walk-in coolers.

A Winning Formula for Our Franchisee’s Investment

  • Our experienced management team brings a proven background in retailing, franchising, and marketing – especially in the floral market. Executive-level experience provides the vision & leadership to lead in the franchise industry.
  • The financial investment required to become a Forest of Flowers® franchisee is very modest compared to other retail storefront franchise systems.
  • Our proprietary supply network and purchasing power yield above-average gross profit margins.
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Our Comprehensive Support Programs

You do not require prior floral business to succeed as a Forest of Flowers® franchisee. We’ve invested years of time and resources perfecting our business model so you don’t have to. Our franchising system allows you to replicate our floral success model.

Our Start-up Support Program

Planning & FinancialAssistance with business plan & financing applications
Creating Your StoreSite selection and lease negotiation assistance
Store design and development assistance
Training Your PeopleExtensive three week management training in London
Comprehensive in-field staff training programs
Employee Statistics Tool Training
Secret Shopper Set-ups and Training
OperationsExclusive FOF integrated software and POS system
Standard Operating Procedures for all functional areas
Getting Your FlowersOrdering is easy, products delivered directly to your store
CommunicationWebsite portal exclusively for franchisees
Marketing SupportAdvertising and merchandising templates
MerchandizingWeekly and monthly merchandize planning
Grand OpeningPre-opening assistance and knowledgeable field team

On-going Support Commitment to Help Grow Your Business

Our support commitment does not stop at the Grand Opening. Our support programs are continually refined to optimize their effectiveness for our franchisees.

Operations UpgradesOn-line updates to our Standard Operating Procedures
On-going updates to our integrated software systems
Training UpgradesOn-line updates to our training programs
Marketing InnovationContinual upgrades to our website and on-line marketing
Merchandising, advertising, and promotional programs
Loyalty ProgramPOS system continually tracks customer spending habits
Customers recognized & rewarded for reaching thresholds
Email communication is cost effective and timely
Proven results – higher loyalty and higher annual sales
Product DesignFloral design innovation with our in-house design experts
Store AppearanceMoments of Truth – audits completed directly
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Steps to Joining Our Family

  1. Attend an Information Meeting at our Corporate Location
    This is a great opportunity for you to meet our management team and to learn more about the advantages of the Forest of Flowers® franchising opportunity.
  2. Submit the Completed Franchise Questionnaire
    Let us know more about you. As we progress, you will continue to learn more about us. Your financial information is completely confidential.
  3. Visit Our Forest of Flowers® Main Store and Franchise Office
    Here you will get to see what the florist industry is all about and how Forest of Flowers® is leading the industry in so many ways. See for yourself why working with flowers is such a positive experience. Discover how our spacious walk-in cooler preserves product freshness and enhances the shopping experience.
  4. Disclosure Documents and Due Diligence
    Now you will receive a copy of the Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement. You will have two weeks to review these documents and to conduct your due diligence.
  5. Franchise Application and Deposit
    At this stage you will be required to execute our Deposit and Confidentiality Agreement and to submit with a $5,000 deposit.
  6. Store Site Selection Process
    In this phase we will discuss the site selection process, available franchise stores and new site locations. We will try to match your preferences to available locations.
  7. Review of Forest of Flowers® Systems
    At this stage, you will be introduced to the Forest of Flowers® merchandising, operations, and administration systems.
  8. Franchise Agreement
    You will have up to 30 calendar days from the Approval Date in which to enter into a Franchise Agreement with the company.
  9. Meeting With our Executive Team
    You will be invited to meet with our executive team, to ask them any questions you may have. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other a little better as you join the Forest of Flowers® family.
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Financial Investments and Returns

A. Franchise FeesLowHighTypical
Franchise Fee$25,000$25,000$25,000
B. Site Development and Construction
Site Selection & Design$10,000$15,000$12,000
Leasehold Improvements$31,300$73,000$54,000
Fixtures & Equipment$10,000$20,000$18,000
Software License Fee$10,000$10,000$10,000
Computers & Printers$3,000$5,000$4,000
Exterior Signage$2,000$10,000$8,500
General Contracting$7,500$18,300$13,000
C. Pre-Opening
Interior Signs & Marketing Material$2,500$5,000$4,000
Website License Fee$2,500$2,500$2,500
Travel & Accommodation During Training$3,500$4,500$4,000
Legal & Accounting Fees$3,000$4,500$4,000
Last Month's Rent & Security Deposit$2,500$4,500$3,500
Utility & Other Deposits$500$1,000$800
D. Opening
Cash Float$200$200$200
Opening Inventory - Cash Portion *$1,500$1,500$1,500
Opening Promotion & Advertising$10,000$10,000$10,000
Total Start-up Investment Required$125,000$210,000$175,000
Working Capital$15,000$25,000$20,000
* Opening inventory is 1/3 cash, 2/3 terms
Unencumbered Capital RequiredApprox $90,000
Total Net Worth Required for Bank Financing$250,000 to $325,000
Franchise Royalty Fee on Sales5.0% of Gross Sales
Advertising Fee 2.5% of Gross Sales
Gross Profit Dollars$175,500$265,500$453,750
Gross Profit Margins Including Royalty Payments 5%58.5%59.0%60.5%
Marketing (Advertising Fee 2.5%, Store Adv. 1.0%)$10,500$15,750$26,250
Salaries & Benefits$48,000$67,500$105,00
Owner Salary$30,000$40,500$52,500
Rent (will vary based on specific location and size)$45,000$45,000$45,000
Delivery, Store & Office Supplies$21,000$31,500$52,500
Telephone, Utilites & Internet$6,000$8,550$13,500
Credit Card Discounts$3,000$4,500$7,500
Maintenance & Repairs$500$500$1,000
Professional Fees$4,500$4,500$4,500
Estimated Total Operating Costs$170,000$219,800$309,250
Estimated Pretax Income$5,500$45,700$144,500
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Average Same Condition Store Performance Fiscal 2016

Lower Range
$250,000 to
$399,000 (2 Stores)
Medium Range
$400,000 to
$550,000 (6 Stores)
Higher Range
$551,000 to
$1,100,000 (3 Stores)
Average Store

11 Stores
Average Gross Sales$325,000$480,000$821,000$542,000
Average Gross Profit Margin Including Royalty as a %61.9%60.7%58.7%60.4%
Average Advertising and Marketing 3.5%$11,400$16,800$28,600$18,900
Average Staff and Owner work hours5,6005,8008,8006,750
Average Rent and Common Area Maintenance$38,700$38,200$47,800$41,600
Average Annual Transactions6,1009,68014,85010,200
Average Sale Per Transaction$53.30$49.60$55.30$53.10
Annual Sales Growth
Sept 30 Year End201420152016Average
% Growth Same Condition Stores11.5%9.2%9.0%9.9%

All data listed above as of September 30, 2014

Additional Notes:

All sales, transactions, and average sale data is from the FOF POS system, and as entered by the Franchisee and their staff.

All work hours, gross margin %, are reported to the Franchisor by the Franchisee as required by the Franchise Agreement.

All sales % growth data is from the last FOF corporate years ending September 30 of 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Additional operating expenses such as delivery, utilities, credit card discounts, professional fees, insurance, store and office supplies, benefits, will vary by store and owner. This is not a complete list. Check with your accountant for other possible expenses.

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Starting Your Business

After your application has been approved and you have executed the Franchise Agreement, there are several stages leading up to your Fresh New Start.

  1. Business Plan and Financing
    Your Business Plan is important not only for your own assurance of success but also for you to obtain financing with your financial institution. We are available to assist you through this process.
  2. Site Selection
    Forest of Flowers® will help with the site selection to find the best available retail location for your business. We will analyze each market to ensure that the location and territory is right for you. We will also assist you in negotiating a lease that will meet your requirements in the most cost effective ways.
  3. Turnkey Build-Out and Fixturing
    We offer a total Turnkey operation, taking care of all the building concerns that putting a new franchise store together entails. Your store will be professionally built and fixtured by experienced highly qualified contractors. When you open the door on your first day, you are ready for business with a visually impacting, well displayed, fully stocked Forest of Flowers® store.
  4. Inventory
    We will assist you in the determination and placement of orders for your opening inventory. This will include orders for flowers, plants, vases, greeting cards, balloons, packaging materials, store supplies, etc from our proprietary vendor network. We will also assist you in setting up your Grand Opening advertising and media plan.
  5. Training
    You will receive training from our friendly, knowledgeable team. Your hands-on training will include time at one of our store locations, covering sales, systems, floral presentation, perishable inventory buying, seasonal buying, merchandising planning, employee statistics analytical tools, marketing, management, and operations. When your store is ready to open, our training staff will be on-site to assist and to continue any training for an additional week.
  6. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    Our SOP manuals provided to you will cover nearly all of the day-to-day situations that will arise in running your business. The areas covered will include sales, marketing, hiring, training, employee recruitment and management, best practices, operations, software, and accounting. Updates will be provided periodically.
  7. Grand Opening
    It is now the day you have been dreaming about for weeks. Your store looks amazing. It is stocked with the very best floral presentation at the most competitive prices. You and your staff are well trained and motivated…it is time to open the doors and make a difference in your customers’ lives!
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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: How soon can I open my store once my application is approved?

Answer: This can vary depending on location and site availability.

A typical process is:

Site selection and lease negotiation2-8 weeks
Build out and fixturing 12-16 weeks
Training3 week off site, 1 week on site
Total Time to Open 19-26 weeks

QUESTION: What is the total cost to open a new Forest of Flowers® retail store?

Answer: The cost can vary depending on store size, location, local labour costs, lease, etc. The total cost, including Franchise Fee, is typically $105,000 to $185,000.

QUESTION: How much money of my own will I need to purchase a franchise?

Answer: You will need approximately $50,000 of unencumbered cash. The balance will be bank financed. You will also require a net worth of $175,000 to $250,000.

QUESTION: What are the on-going Franchise Royalty and Marketing Fund fees?

Answer: The Royalty fee is 5% of gross sales; the Marketing fee is 2.5% of gross sales.

QUESTION: Can I own more than one Forest of Flowers® store?

Answer: Subject to meeting certain performance, financial, and partnership guidelines, franchisees may be awarded more than one store or become a master franchisee.

QUESTION: Do I have to buy all of my products from your approved sources?

Answer: Yes. Product uniformity achieved through our proprietary supply network achieves a more consistent customer buying experience and is fundamental to offering our unconditional Product Satisfaction Guarantee.

QUESTION: What skills and traits are desirable to maximize the likelihood of success?

Answer: One of the most important skills is the ability to deliver outstanding customer care. We also look for the confidence and desire to run your own business, management and financial acumen, and a general affinity for flowers. Retail experience, while an asset, is not mandatory.

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FOF Franchise Brochure
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The Beauty of Flowers
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To Contact The Franchise Office

Forest of Flowers® Franchise Office is located at:

Forest of Flowers
841 Wellington Rd,
Unit B2
London ON
N6E 3R5

Phone: 1-877-891-7649
Phone: 519-868-0198

Franchise Opportunities

For more information on our franchise opportunities, please contact Chris Manchester at (519) 868-0198 or email Chris at

After reviewing the information, we invite you to print the attached Franchise Questionnaire, complete in full and mail to the attention of Melanie Howe at:

Franchise Department Forest of Flowers 841 Wellington Rd, Unit B2 London ON N6E 3R5

(Faxed copies will not be accepted)

Once we have received your questionnaire, we will be in touch with you to discuss our franchise opportunities!

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